Goals Smashed….

So I did it!  My goal for this year was to complete one 10K run.  I am delighted to have been able to complete this goal by 10th March 2020!  YAY! I’m still signed up to do the Womens Mini Marathon in May and I am just hoping that this COVID-19 situation is under control by then.  One, because I would hate for the day to be cancelled, it is such a fantastic fundraising opportunity – and two, because it is freaking me out!!

I was very blase about it all up until a few days ago and after a chat with my doctor and him advising me that, no, my immune system is not up to scratch and I have to be extra careful, I’m now more anxious!  I’ve cancelled anything that is not a necessity for the next 2 weeks but I am wondering about all these people that were over in the UK for Cheltenham…..are they going to automatically self isolate for 2 weeks?  Some might, but not all of them. And then what?  

But instead of going down the panic rabbit hole (I’ve had to pull myself out of it a couple of times already!) I’m going to try and make use of being at home for a couple of weeks with no plans!  There’s a couple of little home projects that I have been trying to get done so I’m going to rope Jonny in and tick a few jobs off the list with as little human contact as possible.  

Not to worry though, I’ve a nice little stock of wine and choccie to keep me going for the next few weeks!  

The main thing I’m going to do over the next few weeks is not panic!  Social Media is a hornets nest at the minute and that is making me more anxious than I should be so I’m going to try cut down on what I’m looking at – reputable news sources only!!!!

Gonna get out for some walkies with the doggies, fresh air helps in any situation and then just ride it out!  As Sile Seoige so beautifully put it today – There was calm before the storm, there will be calm after it! 

Keep safe everyone