Radio Ga Ga…..

Radio Ga Ga.....

Today was different!  Something new and exciting!  I was asked to go on East Coast FM to discuss my booklet and talk about my story on the Declan Meehan Show.  Nervous was an understatement – I have spoken about this many times but I had never been on the radio […]

Westies With My Besties…

Westies With My Besties...

They say you can’t pick your family but I have to say, if I could, I would definitely pick mine each and every time!  Like all families, we have our fair share of issues and rows but when I get to spend time with them like I did this weekend […]

Finding The Balance…..

Finding The Balance.....

This last week has been super busy for me.  For the most part, I try not to jam pack my weeks and weekends because I know I’m going to pay for it after in spades!  But sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy it! Like this […]

Spice Up Your Life….

Spice Up Your Life....

So I was one of the lucky 80,000 people that went to see the Spice Girls in Croke Park on the 24th May.  It was, hands down, one of the best concerts ever! Now you had people moaning saying that there was sound issues and other bits and pieces but […]

Can I just sleep…….

Can I just sleep…….

The tiredness, the overwhelming sense of tiredness. Now this is something I was warned about after my treatment but my god I was not ready for how severe it was and still is. Only last week I had a little breakdown to Jonny again over this. I had been feeling […]

The Guilt and The Anger…..

The Guilt and The Anger…..

These emotions were something that I was only able to express to my counsellor to being with. I felt like a horrible human for thinking the way I was. But I was overcome by thoughts of them both. Guilt for getting sick. Guilt for getting better! I was feeling guilty […]

Its good to talk…..

Its good to talk…..

So I had made the decision – I needed to go and speak to someone. Someone who was familiar with my situation and could help me navigate my way through the fog of thoughts I was having and the crippling feeling of failure. I felt like I was failing at […]

A little background……

A little background…...

So I had been writing down a lot of things since I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma back on 27th April 2017. Bits and pieces here and there and so after a little suggestion I decided I was going to put it all down online and if someone can […]