Spice Up Your Life….

So I was one of the lucky 80,000 people that went to see the Spice Girls in Croke Park on the 24th May.  It was, hands down, one of the best concerts ever! Now you had people moaning saying that there was sound issues and other bits and pieces but SO WHAT!  We just got to see the Spice Girls perform in Croke Park! The biggest girl band to grace this planet! Can we all just take a second for that!

It was such a fab night, surrounded by people I love in a fab venue and I got a bit emotional.  I was singing along to one of their many hits – a nice little slow number – and I was looking around the stadium thinking, how lucky I am to be here.  Not just here in Croke Park, but here on earth, alive! Taking in all these wonderful moments that could so easily have been snatched away from me! No matter what I am doing now I make sure to take a second just to be thankful for the fact I have been given this chance to embrace all of these wonderful experiences.  Ever since I have been in remission I have basically went to any concert I could find with either Jonny or one of my friends! I love the feeling and vibes at a concert, no matter who is playing and I am just so grateful every time I get to enjoy that moment with someone! Cancer has definitely given me that push to take a minute to soak in the amazing memories that I am making through my life and it is something that I am grateful for!  Every year is a glory year so make the most of them!

Now with P!NK in 2 weeks with my fab friend Kathy and Westlife in 5 weeks with my fab sisters (hoping one of them doesn’t go into labor mid song!  She’s due her first baby, our first little nephew, on the 1st August!), my summer concert line up is looking pretty sweet! Cheesy but sweet!