We’re in the clear……

Scan results back in.  A few days later than expected but great news.  The residual tumor is still shrinking which my oncologist is very happy about and there is no sign of cancerous activity!  22 months ago I was told that it I could get to 18 months post treatment with no recurrence then I would be ‘out of the woods’ – I am now officially out of the woods and I could not be happier!

In my heart of hearts, I knew I was OK and that the big C had not returned, but there is always that little voice in the back of my head saying, what if?  That voice got a little louder the day we went in to get my results and my doctor told me the scan results were not back yet! I would have to wait 2 more days to get them.  Very frustrating as I had psyched myself up to get the good news and then to be put off like that was unnerving for me but I was happy to wait two days to hear the good news!

So going forward I will not be getting anymore CT scans!  Yay – no more cannulas! I will now be getting routine blood tests every 6 months but still meeting with Prof Crown to get the results.  I was happy when he told me I was still going to be able to see him every 6 months because to be honest, the thought of just being let go from him was making me a little anxious!  He feels like a bit of a safety net to me and I would rather just have a quick catch up with him for him to tell me all is OK – it’s something about hearing him say it that makes it real!

Short term plans consist of going to the Living Well With and Beyond Cancer seminar in Dublin at the start of September to see if I can pick up any more tips that can help me on a day to day basis and I am also taking part in a couple of bits and pieces with the Irish Cancer Society in the next few weeks.  This disease has taken so much from me and has turned my life upside down but I will be damned if I let it beat me. I will take my experience and use it to try to help others as much as I can! 

I saw in the news this week that Simon Harris has launched an initiative to focus on the aftermath of cancer and what happens once the treatment is finished.  Read the article here:


I would have loved this to be available when I was going through treatment to help me focus on what I could potentially be facing afterwards but I feel it is better late than never.  I hope now that it is not just a facade and that they actually focus on this as much as they focus on the prevention and cure. To me, all are as important as each other.