Westies With My Besties…

They say you can’t pick your family but I have to say, if I could, I would definitely pick mine each and every time!  Like all families, we have our fair share of issues and rows but when I get to spend time with them like I did this weekend just gone, I have to take a step back and take stock of just how lucky I am!

My youngest sister, Meibhe, lives in Chester but she was home this weekend for Westlife in Croke Park (Yes, another concert!) But we also went out for dinner on Friday for my older sister and her husband.  They are pregnant and due in 3 weeks and we wanted to mark the occasion. Ciara is not into big parties or anything like that but we didn’t want to let the occasion pass without doing something special for them!  So the 4 of us, my mom and dad and the boyfriends/husbands enjoyed a fab night together celebrating the impending arrival of Baby Biss.

Over the last 10 years me and my 3 sisters have become very close – it was not always the case but as we have grown so has our relationship with each other.  And to be honest, me getting sick and the way that they helped me through it has brought us even closer. Whether it was receiving Penny’s care packages from Meibhe in Chester (she has the best Penny’s over there!), Mairead coming down to lie with me in bed when I was feeling shite and rub my back or Ciara being at the other end of the phone, night or day, when I had a worry or a question (she’s a nurse!) and putting my mind at ease.  They all were there give me something I needed, even when I didn’t know I needed it! And now it makes me so happy to be able to make these memories with them! As you can see from previous blog posts, I am all about taking in the moment and embracing what I have in my life that makes me happy, and these 3 beauties are definitely up there with what makes me happy!