It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….

Here we are!  The first week of December.  My favourite time of the year, hands down!

So many wonderful things happen in December.  The Christmas tree goes up!  13 year anniversary for me and JD this year, my birthday, besties bday, Christmas Day, New Years Eve….the list goes on and on and on!!

I feel like the atmosphere around the place has changed over the last few weeks.  There seems to be a level of optimism that hasn’t been around for a while.  Friends of ours got some amazing news last week, Meibhe was home from the UK and it was amazing to get to spend time with her (after her 2 weeks of isolation were up!) after what seemed like forever since we’ve seen her last!  And then news of a vaccine in the early part of 2021.  It seems like 2020 is closing out on a more positive note than I had thought it would!

I remember last year writing that I felt for the first time since recovery that I felt truly happy, grounded and balanced and I have to say, this year feels so much more so!  Even considering the maniac of a year we have all gone through, it feels really good to sit here, writing this with a smile on my face and for some reason, butterflies in my tummy for the month ahead!  I have a scan coming up in a couple of weeks and normally that would bring on a little fear and anxiety but I am not feeling it this time round.  Now that may change coming closer to the day but I am grabbing this sense of ease and running with it.  

Summing up this year, the phrase, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ comes to mind.  Before Lockdown 1 hit, I was running myself ragged going from pillar to post trying to do what I do best – People Please!  But now, after being forced to slow down for such a long period of time, I just can’t wait to sit down with my little bubble of friends for some well needed catch ups and lols and sit around the Christmas dinner table with my family.  A hug would be nice too but I shan’t get greedy 🙂

No earth shattering words of wisdom from me this time round!  Just a little note to say Happy Christmas, enjoy this festive period, different as it may be to what we are used to, but as I have said before, different is not always a bad thing, it’s just that….different.