Birthdays and Christmas and New Years, Oh My……..

I have to say, I am so excited for Christmas this year.  This is my 3rd Christmas cancer free and to be honest I feel like it’s the first one since diagnosis that I feel balanced.  I feel good – I feel happy, to my core!  Which is a really nice feeling!

Georgie Crawford said something about it on Instagram over the weekend and it struck a cord with me.  You don’t actually realise you were not properly happy, until you are properly happy….if that makes sense!?  Between one thing and another I was battling through different parts of my life and trying to get a hold on the reigns again but now, this year, this holiday season I feel happy and it feels great.  It feels so great to have that sense of ease, instead of a ball of stress and worry and anxiety sitting in the pit of my stomach.

Plus, it’s my birthday this week which makes it even better!  34 years old!  People get so weird around their birthdays, some people just hate the thought of growing old but I have always loved my birthday.  My family will attest to that!  I don’t just have a birthday, I have a birth-week or month if I can push it far enough!  But since getting sick I love it even more.  I love that fact that I am getting older.  I love the fact that I am going to experience all the new adventures that come with a new year.  I love the fact that I am going to be around to watch all the people I love grow older with me and all the exciting memories we are going to make over the next multitude of decades!  Growing old is a gift and it’s one that I am happy to accept with both hands!

I plan, like the last few years, of making as many wonderful memories this Christmas season with my wonderful friends and family but this time, when you see that picture on Instagram of me with a smile on my face – know, that that smile goes deep!  That is a true happy smile of someone that is truly happy and so grateful to be here in body mind and soul!

Merry Christmas xxx